Thursday, November 30, 2006


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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


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For everyones amusement..A.D.P in it's studio glory!

Its time for zeeee Guitars!
After the drums and percussions sessions. It was now oba and imrans turn to face the music. And boy it was fun!

Omar was the first one to record. Did his setup in the recording booth. Fixed his Amp settings. Recorded the rhythm tracks for Sultanat, Sajna, Likhta nahin, Sach, vaaday and Sheher ke aansoo. After this the next step was to record guitar solos. Its always hard to record solos. Because you need to feel what your playing. Every solo has its own feel. And when i say feel, Sultanats solo comes into my mind. Omar takes off with his trademark Sultanat solo and boy was it rocking or what!
Excellent feel. Just takes you to another level. It took him 3 takes to get it right I guess but amazing guitar work indeed. Then Sheher ke aansoo wasnt bad either. great feel amazing skills on the guitar and his solos were just getting better every minute. Nice and simple one on Sajna. The worst experience for Omar was recording Vaaday. Obviously after all that he recorded it was hard to figure out what to play in this fast paced song. He tried it once, twice, and then he decided to do it later. But after the motivation session given to him by me, ok and imran.. he then again went in the recording booth and recorded a one final take kick ass solo.
I am proud of my band :D
Now we will have an ADP limousine!
Maybe, a personal jet
A helicopter?
People will be taking our pictures everyday, every moment!
We will be Rockstars!
Wait a minute
We are Rockstars! :P

Changing the face of this music industry. yeah yeah!!!
After a lengthy recording session, Omar was exhausted and felt like peeing all over the place. I mean puking all over the place. No no, what am I saying, I meant Puking and Peeing all over the place hehe but seriously he was tired after this non-stop 4 to 5 hour session. He recorded most of his songs and did the solos and other related stuff. After which Imran felt like puking as well. And decided to do rest of the songs next week. This eventually never happened. Because Imran is currently suffering from joy and dus!!!..:S
We hope he gets well soon and returns in action. Our next shift is on Thursday, which is tomorrow. Will blog about the upcoming sessions as well.
Oh, we have taken loads of pictures!!!
All you ADP lovers will get to see them pretty soon.

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Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

blogword: Red
I can't believe how four sounds red to me!
Am I seeing red
wherever I turn my eyes,
or is this an aberration of my mind?
Funny, pretty red!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Aunty Disco Project
Coming Soon!!!!

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Well... we started our recording for the album last month and its still in process. Now we know how hard it is to record in the studio..i mean it's totally different from what you play live. A different ball game all together. First and the most difficult phase of the recording was recording live drums. Which we did alhamdulillah. We took one day to setup the drums and checking out the sound. Ashfaq bhai (Recording Engineer) knew what we wanted. Gave us the best possible sound for the drums. The next day... great Omar Khalid [O.K] recorded live drums for 11 tracks in a day with 5 to 6 takes of each song!!!....amazing man!!! never went out ...stayed in tempo had his frustrating moments but nailed it. Omar Khalid is indeed a great drummer and people like gumby and alan and whoever should watchout now...because O.K express is on its way!!!

After recording the drums it was my turn to record the darbuka. And boy i had fun or what in doing that. Again great sound setup. We took two days for darbuka so that i can record what i want to record araam se and not get confused with O.K kind of beat structures (which are hard to follow). First day i recorded 4 songs..First was Sultanat which took 2 hours... which i never expected..i thought i can do it in a go...but no...after we heard my first take which was the way i play live on stage with the sounded ....horrible! sounded muffled with no sequence no way to go kinda thing. But as we moved on...i got the hang of it and recorded a kick ass beat with the drums...which sounded great. Changed the feel of the song all together. After i finished recording sultanat..i recorded other four songs..with minimum takes..and then there was a point where i couldn't move my arm. I was locked in a small room...with no fan or air conditioner what so ever...(obviously not needed in a recording booth).The next day i came all pumped up and ready to finish my darbuka parts for the album..but no...KESC never wanted this to happen...light gayi!!!!!!!!and that day we could only record one song. I was thoraa sa disappointed..
The next shift was scheduled after a week. I came in a immediately went into the songs. We have this song called MERE DOST..which is actually different from all other tracks because it goes on and on and on and this song was fun...Improvising over Omar khalid drums is like playing against zakir hussain on tabla...hardly give you room for extra but we actually managed to record it. It sounds great...nothing like it!
People are in for a great treat i tell you.. we are giving everything we have for this debut session is for the of luck to my boys..Lodhi and Oba!..i know you guys will nail it.
will update about them soon...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

blogthought: Because i didn't...
This is our last embrace,
Must I dream and always see your face
Why can't we overcome this wall
Baby, maybe it is just because I didn't know you at all.
Last Goodbye
jeff buckley

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

blogthought: If i could, I would...

If I could I would, but I dont know how
If I could write you a song, to tell you how I loved you
If I could I would and I'd take you now!
and as Edward Hopper quotes ...

If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

blogword: Words
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.